Got the inspiration for this post from riding my bike the other day, it’s been quite chilly here and for some reason that I don’t quite understand I’ve always like my head covered when it’s cold –  I love hats, all kind of hats, berets are my favourite (note to self – find a shop that sells decent ones.) Maybe my mother instilled this into me when I was little as Scottish winters were sometimes quite fierce.

Me, my Mum and a dog

I was also walking down the street and actually took off my hat for good reason as it was actually too warm; the Spring Equinox is nearly upon us and I’m happy as the energy is changing again, the balance between night and day, the surge of new Spring energy is starting to kick in; coupled with a Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday 19th March (at its lunar perigee – closest to the Earth).  Here’s an excellent blog post about this Virgo full moon. It will be great for getting my hands in the soil and lots of practical work done. There is a lot going on celestially.

The last few months have been testing to say the least and to my normal standards I didn’t cope/deal with it that well.  I had to deal with lots of emotional turmoil, floods -(yup plural), things breaking, losing things and it all happened about the same time. Deep Joy!

I’m used to being Wonder Woman (complete with starry pants) and I wasn’t able to keep that up… jeez we are all so hard on ourselves, the judgement we give ourselves for being less than perfect is phenomenal!

I’m glad things are changing becoming more postive in many ways… Yup the world is in a bit of upheaveal at the moment , eathquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis etc. Uranus in Aries (it’s been criss-crossing between the last degrees of Pisces and beginning of Aries) and is really churning things up on a global scale.

The Sun is in the last degrees of Pisces right now and on the Spring Equinox which is on Sunday March 20th  it moves into Aries where Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter are residing at the moment. I’m particularly interested in Jupiter as this energy is expansive and full of optimism, lots of fiery energy, just remember not to overextend yourself or you will burn out!

Transiting Jupiter is still swimming around my 12th House (I have a rather big 12th/6th house in my natal chart) so lots of spiritual growth and learning for me and the practical 6th house application of it. Transiting Jupiter is sextile my natal moon in Gemini so the urge to blog is upon me also I’ve been decorating (the moon’s ruler Cancer is in my 4th house which is about my inner self and my home. Transiting Chiron is trine my natal Jupiter and I’m about to sort out my therapy business, so lots of opportunity and healing going on  : )

Current Planets
18-Mar-2011, 13:29 UT/GMT
Sun 27 36’14”
Moon 10 28′ 9″
Mercury 15 6′ 4″
Venus 19 32’56”
Mars 18 32’24”
Jupiter 11 52′ 0″
Saturn 15 7’40″r
Uranus 0 22’18”
Neptune 29 27’20”
Pluto 7 22’58”
TrueNode 28 12’20″r
Chiron 2 31’45”

From – wonderful website and forum on astrology

me and my marin

I’ve also been enjoying the weather and riding my bike/wandering through the local park and surrounding areas is wonderful for me. I love flowers, trees and green things, I’ll be working again soon in the Permaculture Demo Garden at East Lodge/Action 21 which is based within Jepson Gardens (See the three pictures below of Jephson Gardens)

tree-lined and flowered area – Parade, Leamington Spa