Gustavo Cerati – August 11th 1959 to September 4th 2014

I’m going to start this post with what got me into Cerati in the first place. This image above. I saw the video (Te llevo para que me lleves) many years ago and I just loved his daft sense of humour and of course his voice. Even in his last videos, he’s still having a joke and being silly. This is how I’m going to remember him.

Well, I should have had something prepared for this post as I think we all knew in our hearts things weren’t going to get much better.

Though part of me never actually even contemplated that I’d be here writing about his passing. It’s weird as to the timing as I changed my profile pic on twitter from the Cerati one (below) to my own face for the first time in 4 years only last week.


I’m very sad he has gone though on some levels, I’m relieved as his life (what was left of it) was a shallow comparison of what he was before. I’m am grateful that this man entered my life and also for the people I’ve met along the way who adored him and showed me what a talented artist he was.

Cerati died of respiratory arrest at the ALCLA Clinic in Buenos Aires this morning. My heart goes out to his kids Lisa and Benito and to Lilian (Cerati’s Mum) as she has been with him for the last four years since he’s been in a coma.

The memories I have of his music are many.; which over the years have surprised a lot of people as Spanish is not my mother tongue and what is a Scottish girl listening to Latin American music for? Simple it’s good and so was he.

I’m not going into the history and love of his music as I’ve documented it in this post already.

To all the Cerati fans around the world, play his music and remember him, that’s what he wants.

To be remembered for the genius he was.

To Gus – abrazos y besos, siempre