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Lovely article…just read it

Mythbusting on the Small Scale I’ve been reading rock critic Robert Hilburn’s book Corn Flakes with John Lennon, his nostalgic account of some poignant moments spent with rock n’ roll’s greatest legends. Whenever I read about the old musicians, the one story that revolves itself most often in my h … Read More

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Great post, How overcoming fear can bring you closer to love

You know something?  There really is beauty in imperfection. I was once a middle of the line perfectionist.  Everything in it’s place, clean, presentable, and organized just right.  If it didn’t look perfect, then what would others think of me? Then I began learning what drives perfectionists to tirelessly strive to outdo ones self. Fear. It’s all driven by fear. If I’m not perfect I will: Lose the respect of others. Miss opportunities and watch … Read More

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