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I’m sat here with lots of whirling thoughts in my head.. The moon is in Cancer today conjunct my Jupiter in my third house. (any astrology buffs out there know what that means) In plainer terms it means I’m moved to communicate (commune) deeply (Cancer is a water sign associated with feelings). The conjunction of Jupiter only heightens those feelings and expands them. The third house is to do with your local environment and communication. It’s easy for me to write stuff so all this blogging I do comes pretty naturally for me. I work in fits and starts and always on inspiration. I prefer not to force it as it just doesn’t feel good.

The name Easter is derived from the Saxon Eostre (Eastre) The Ancient Saxons in Northern Europe worshipped the Goddess Osetre at the time of The Spring Equinox. The Goddess represents the sunrise, Spring-time fertility and the renewal of life.

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Marlene Dietrich by Photographer Don English 1932 ~Shanghai Express

Marlene Dietrich ~  Dec 27th 1901 – May 6th 1992   Wiki Article

This has to be the ultimate diva for me, she was an actress and singer  I won’t go into her life history as it’s documented very well already. I want to tell you what songs I like and why I like her

My favourite  song by Marlene is Wenn Die Beste Freundin (Marlene Dietrich, Oskar Karlweis, Margo Lion) (1928)  then a close second is Ich Hab’ Noch Einen Koffer In Berlin (1954)  then Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt (1930)

She has a style that no one today can touch, a classy elegance – it’s not the same now perhaps it was managed well by the movie companies the allure of mystery about her (it certainly was for Marlene, her privacy was very important to her)

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Crescent Moon in Gemini tonight ~ April 17th 2010


I love the moon and can gaze at it a lot at its different stages through the new moon back to the dark moon

It has always fascinated me since I was a child and since I started looking at it in more depth through the symbolism of astrology and Goddess imagery, it becomes more intriguing.

There was a solar eclipse on the morning of May 20th I was born during the darkness at 4am the following morning, though my mother said I never wanted to be born, they literally pulled me out with forceps. I was born with long black hair, a black eye (from the forceps) and a yellow face (from jaundice)… beautiful I was – stubborn Taurean

I have a lot of planets & asteroids in Taurus ( Juno, Ceres, Mercury, Mars, North Node and my Sun) My moon in Gemini (hence all the blogging and general banter :D) though Mercury is also going through Taurus at the moment in my 1st house of self-expression… so blog away girly!

I definitely feel the different phases of the moon, I am quite wild and hyper during the full moon and I’m quieter and very introspective when the moon is waning and especially around the dark moon, that’s my favourite time of the month as it’s very magical.


I look up at the moon to be close to you

Knowing you are always with me

Though I know nothing, I feel you close to my heart

I miss our love; our Moon in Gemini banter

Nothing is lost..ever

© scottishsiren 2010


Appreciation Today

For a wonderful lady

PJ Harvey

Polly Jean, has been a companion on the road of music with me since her album Dry (in the early 90’s) The woman’s vocal range and her emotional strength that come from her songs is mind blowing. Her Wiki

I’ve been playing her most of the day, since I managed to to get out of bed… (going to bed at dawn didn’t help) and having my fab Squeezebox with all her songs on it makes it so much easier and I can get on with other things too.

Though today I just really listened to her for hours and it was the best thing I could have done. I like her uncompromising stance on saying whatever she needs to with genuine feeling as whether she is melancholic, happy, sad, raging, or being sweet in her songs it’s all there.

I’ve been meaning to play her much more lately I’ve needed to delve in and experience, I find music helps to sort out my tormented soul and bring me back to a place where I can feel content again.

I don’t have the words/feelings I want to express sometimes and PJ always delivers for me, there are many artists too who contribute to this but at this time I’m focusing on Patti Smith and PJ Harvey (see my other post about Patti)

Her style of music, which I think is extremely varied ranging from good solid rock, to piano and acoustic to screaming mayhem and back ..well maybe not that far as she doesn’t do death metal! It may not appeal to everyone but I’d find it hard to not like something. Her album Dry to me is absolutely amazing, I love all the songs and it was a great introduction to her

Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

Good Fortune (another favourite)
A Place Called Home

This Is Love
Horses In My Dreams

Beautiful Feeling

Love and Inspiration

Patti Smith by photographer Annie Leibovitz appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1978

I have this picture (a very small postcard sized version) in a crude frame hanging in my hallway. I’ve spent countless years quizzing guests who have come to my home about who they think this is, more often than not most people don’t have a clue who it is. A few (and I mean a few… they know who they are) got it right first time.

I find it strange as someone so well-known can still be on the fringes of our modern society, yet totally enthral the ones who do take notice.

I was very lucky recently to see her perform and read from her new book “Just Kids

Her humour, warmth and love she emanates profoundly affected me in a way I’m still coming to terms with.

Reading all about the love, joy, pain and loss in her life, sharply brings to focus what an incredible inspiration she is and has been in my life for the last 30 years.

Her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe is a joy to read and makes you realise what they both did for their “art”. Her as a writer, poet, singer and artist. Him as a photographer, often pushing many boundaries in both their work.

Most of the time they were together, penniless yet together looking after/out for each other, the sense of watching each other’s backs and the genuine love they had is heartwarming.

Just Kids Book Review

Patti Smith Gig Review

A beautiful Robert Mapplethorpe

The other day I was checking out some images of Robert and Patti for this blog and there it was.. the pic from my living room wall Robert Mapplethorpe’s image of a woman  ( I just love my crappy picture postcard sized badly framed photos that I have) I’m so uncool as to not know who it was… as I’ve had this picture for eons (It’s Lisa Lyon)

This is provocative as it pushes the boundaries of what a woman is, I’m not into the huge physiques that some of the more recent bodybuilders have, but this represents power and femininity to me and I’ve loved this photograph for a very long time. All art is subjective and what you get from it is uniquely your own, my tastes have no taste as I can’t define what I like I just like it.

Good article about Patti/Robert

I’ve seen many things over the years and the culmination of finally getting to see Patti and hearing her first hand, It’s great to have clear defining moments in my life where things unfold in unexpected ways.

Synchronistic events and intuitive flashes that I’m trusting so much more help me to understand why and what I’m doing and I’m now having more of an inkling of the way forward, it has helped me tremendously.

Another book I adore right now is Sonia Miller’s “The Attraction Distraction” ( I devour books on literature, poetry, biography and spirituality with wild abandon)

This has shaped how I see myself as working with my mind, ego, heart and my soul altogether (terrifies me but I’m delving in – risky but I know it’s gonna be an adventure) Staying true to myself is my number one priority (along with feeling good as often as I can)

Happiness is a huge part of what I’m about.

The title is terrible, but that’s the only fault I can give this book. I adore Sonia Miller, she has a depth and warmth in her writing and you know she’s gone through it all. It has spun me round and helped me dig that bit deeper, I’m putting together some of what she’s suggested and it literally is making my life better by the minute.

I’m working on my therapy website (Vortex Therapy – Aromatherapy, Reiki & Massage and some nice goodies to sell) at the moment as I’ve some good ideas to move forward with.

Exciting times indeed

Spring 2010

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